Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation & Concealer


It’s been a while since I bought a drugstore foundation that I was completely happy with. I really wanted to love Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, and I did love how it was when it was first applied, but my skin did not like it at all and I was recovering from breakouts for a while after I stopped using it (it took me a while to accept it just wasn’t going to happen).

Anyway, with me starting work very early in the morning, I can be applying my make up several times a day (if I decide to be sociable in the afternoons after work or in the evenings), I was getting through my Hello Flawless quicker than I liked and, with my jollies to Florida coming up, I wanted a cheapish foundation that would do me when I was in work.

With a formula that’s packed with vitamins and ingredients that help benefit the skin (so I’m told), the formula of Maybelline’s Better Skin Foundation promises to even out skin tone instantly and also to leave you with better skin after just 3 weeks of use.

I won’t lie. I didn’t have high hopes. I was about to write that I’ve never tried a Maybelline foundation, or if I have then I don’t remember. But that would be a lie. I’ve just realised I did try the Fit foundation and I hated it. Anyway, I don’t know why I picked this one up (probably the 3 for 2 offer on Maybelline products at Boots), but OH MY GOD, I’m so glad I did.

Now, I don’t believe that it will leave me with better looking skin after 3 weeks. I’ve been using it for close to 2 weeks now and am yet to see any changes but, on first pump, I knew it was love. The liquid is quite thick is texture but its very easily blended. I find that I prefer to blend it with my fingers and the coverage is amazing. And I mean AMAZING. On the little info panel in Boots it said that it was medium coverage but no way is this medium. Its full coverage. Full to the point where concealer is pointless.

It’s also marked as being suitable for normal skin. But I have really oily skin lately and it’s not overwhelmed by this foundation at all. I have been using a primer (Benefit’s Porefessional) as a base and a powder (Rimmel’s Stay Matte in 001 Transparent) to set it and after applying my make up very quickly at 4 am in the morning, I’ve found that I come home around 2 pm and my make up is still perfect.

It’s worth a mention that today I applied this without using primer and powder. I’d like to say that this is because I wanted to see how it would perform, but if I’m being honest it was because I let myself have longer in bed because I just couldn’t be bothered! Anyway, it just proved to me that if I want to get the most of this foundation then these are steps I shouldn’t skip. It may be completely different for someone with a dry/normal skin type.

The finish is not as matte as I’ve been sporting lately but I love that. I don’t want to have to hide away from having a radiant look just because I have oily skin!


The shade range boasts 8 different shades. I opted for 005 Light Beige which, I have to say, turned out to be the perfect match for my skin tone. No need to worry about blending it perfectly so there’s no line around my jaw (urgh), which is perfect for me when I’m applying my make up so early with a ridiculous energy efficient light bulb. I swear I may as well do it in the dark. Which leads me to the concealer…..

Seens as there was a 3 for 2 deal going on, I also got the concealer and Baby Skin primer (I’m saving that for my jollies. The concealer was offered in two shades: Light and Medium. I obviously chose the light option and as you can see in the image above, its a lot darker than the foundation. Something which I didn’t notice when I applied it at 4 am in the morning in my room lit by said useless light bulb. It all became as clear as day though when I was in a brightly lit shop at 10 am staring at my face that looked like I had tried to pattern it up with polka dots when attempting to conceal my blemishes (thank god I didn’t to have put any under my eyes as the foundation is so good). To be fair, it did a good job of covering my blemishes up, I just wish it was in a tone that matched the foundation. Probably my own fault for not swatching it in the shop.

So in summary, the foundation is amazing. Go buy it!


Maybelline Baby Lips


This Summer saw the arrival of the long awaited Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms that have become an extremely coveted product across the pond and I was well and truly swept up in the hype. Promising 8 hour hydration and at £2.99 a go, how could I resist? Especially with packaging that cute and colourful. Boots had an offer at the time for 3 for 2 so I decided to treat myself to three of the little beauties:

Intense Hydration

I had a difficult decision to make over whether to buy all three of the tinted balms or let myself have two and this one and this one won. As I’ve mentioned I suffer quite badly from cold sores and my lips can be in a bad way when I’m getting over one so an Intense care lip balm is always a must for me. So far so good with this one in terms of keeping my lips soft and hydrated.


As I have a ridiculous amount of pink coloured lip products, I went with Cherry Me, a red tint, and Peach Kiss, a peach tint. They smell amazing and the colours are gorgeous. They are perfect for wearing during the day and the tint in them is just the right amount.

All of these balms promise 8 hour hydration and I must say that it definitely doesn’t live up to this. Reapplying every couple of hours is necessary if you still want to feel the balm and pretty much as soon as its worn off then the benefits seem to go with it. But at £2.99 you can’t really complain, as when it is on the lips it feels amazing. It applies like a dream. Its so soft and more glossy than I expected it to me so glides on perfectly.

Given the pricing, it’s suprising that the balms are made of decent ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter and aloe. However, they are also made up of petroleum and its no secret that this is more like a barrier for the lips and provides no real or long lasting benefits.

For £2.99 each though, and usually cheaper with offers in Boots and Superdrug, they are so worth it and I think every girl needs at least one of these lovely lip balms in their handbags, if not them all!