L’Oreal Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum




For month’s I’ve been lusting after Lancomes Dreamtone Serum but every time I get close to buying it there’s a voice in my (or usually my boyfriend moaning next to me) that spending £69 on a serum is ridiculous, even if I am convinced that it’s a magical potion that will provide me with perfect skin.

Nevertheless, being more serious about skin care nowadays, I wanted to add a serum to my routine. Now I’ll admit I have no idea what a serum is meant to do and why I should use one regularly, but I’m willing to go along with what other people tend to do. Yes, I probably would put my hand in a fire if everyone else was. Then, the L’oreal Skin Perfection range was launched and it seemed to be the answer to my Lancome lusting on a tight budget. The pink packaging does make it look like the peasants version of Dreamtone..

The entire range promises to help refine skin, tighten pores and even and brighten skin tone, visibly improving skin quality. And, if you are to believe the campaign with Cheryl Cole as the face, it will improve your skin so much that you can be confident enough to go make up free. And this is the line I fell hook line and sinker for, giving me such high hopes for this product especially when I found out that the serum contains the same ingredients as Lancomes Vissionaire Serum, just at half the concentration.

The packaging is pretty good. Like I said, it looks really similar to the Lancome Dreamtone due to the pink glass bottle, the glass making it feel a bit more high end than your usual drug store skin care. The pump is great, with one pump dispensing the perfect amount of product for my face.

The product itself was also quite nice to apply. Not as thick as a cream and, I don’t know if this will make sense or not, but its quite “gooey”. Saying that though its very light and doesn’t feel at all heavy on my skin. I should also mention that there’s a definite scent to the serum which I found to be quite pleasant.

In terms of results, its pretty much “meh”. Maybe its because I didn’t use the full range, but I didn’t see any sign of my skin being perfected,a nd you can see that I’ve used over half of the bottle and was using it morning and night on a daily basis.

Now, over the last few weeks my skin has been playing up quite a bit. It’s been oilier than usual and blemishes are becoming so regular that they’re now the norm (they’re always making an appearance in the EXACT same place, is that normal?). Now I’m not saying it was this product, and I can’t prove it because I’ve changed quite a few items in my routine lately (Hello Clarins!), but since I stopped using it after growing impatient and bored with it, my skin, ironically, has clearly improved. It might not have been this, but I have a feeling that it wasn’t helping at all, especially as all the other items in my routine had been part of it for a while before.


TGI Pay Day

Its because of people like me that we’re in a recession. I am the worlds worst when it comes to money. I’m a firm believer that the amount of month left after payday is completely unreasonable. It’s just not in me to budget. 

So, this weekend, I found myself each and every excuse to treat myself:

1. New hairdo

I haven’t had my haircut since last November, so I treated myself to a trim at Hooka hair salon in Liverpool. Its quite pricey (£40 and that was with 25% discount), but my hairdresser is brilliant and always does a brilliant job, 

2. Shellac Nails

I have a bad habit of biting my nails, so I’m trying to tell myself that paying out for Shellac on them will stop me. The salon, Jessica Rose in Huyton, had so many colours to choose from. The colour I got is an amazing green colour and was made my one coat of a deep burgundy red, then one coat of a coral colour. The resulting colour is amazing. Maybe more suited to the Winter months but I love it. 


3. Retail Therapy


I ran out of mascara this week so needed to buy a new one. I’ve been using Benefits They’re Real mascara for months now and I love it, but last week I was also using Lancome Hypnose to build up the effect. I decided to buy Hypnose Drama this time to see if it is anymore dramatic. 

Whilst looking at the Benefit counter, I saw the “How to Look Best at Everything” flawless complexion makeup set. They’re meant to be a tester for all their complexion products but I’m going to Glastonbury this summer (more on that later) and I thought this would be perfect to take with me for the week. They don’t allow anything made of glass onto the site so I would have had to buy new foundation to take with me anyway. 

I also bought myself some new sunglasses to take to Glasto with me. I can’t even justify these to myself, I have enough sunglasses, but I really, really wanted them!