100 Happy Days


So for the last month or so, one of best friends Sara from The Jam on my Toast has been completing the 100 Happy Days challenge. This challenge consists in finding one thing that makes you happy each day and sharing it with the hash tag #100happydays on Instagram.

I’ve been inspired and I’m going to start joining her with the challenge with today being my day one. Why don’t you join me too and find the little things that make you happy each day? I have a feeling it’ll make me appreciate these things a little bit more.
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Christmas Gift Ideas: For Her

Today, I got a bottle of Coca Cola and there was Father Christmas smiling at me from the label. The holidays are well and truly coming and I’m so excited to get my Christmas shopping done.

Last year all my present had been bought and wrapped by the end of November, so all I had to do during December was get carried away in the excitement of the festive season. This year, I’m half done and hoping to get the rest of my presents bought next weekend. Having worked in retail for the last 7 years, this being my first year that I’m not actually working in a shop over Christmas, shopping in the middle of December trying to get last minute bits would be my idea of hell. Too many angry and stressful people running round the place, and who would want to stand in a queue for a million years! But I digress….

I was browsing Next last weekend for a pair of slippers and ended up walking out the proud owner of an item I had promised myself I would never have…. A onesie. A beautiful, snuggly, cute onesie. As soon as I saw it I fell in love and I knew it had to be mine and I am so so glad that I bought it. I posted a photo up of it on Instagram and already 4 different people have now bought it as a gift to give to someone this Christmas, so it’s safe to say that this would definitely be a popular choice!

Its a bit pricey at £38, but it’s definitely worth it. Its really good quality and the material feels amazing. The faux fur hood, complete with bear ears, was what sold it to me and I’ve taken to calling it my bear costume. It also comes with a fur bear tail on the back!

It would be the perfect Christmas gift for any girl!