Getting fit: Where I’m up to


After new years I wrote a post of what I wanted to get done in the New Year and one of them was to get fitter and eat healthier. I did plan on writing a weekly post as an update on where I was up to but that was but a pipe dream.

I’m not going to mention what my weight is exactly but I was hoping for two things: 1. to fit into a pair of shorts I’d bought the week after Christmas from Topshop that my mum had to pull me out of and 2. to lose around a stone and a half. I was doing well. I didn’t have any coke or sweets in the whole of January and was so proud of myself. So far, I’ve lost around 10 lbs and I now fit into my shorts!

Then, I had to go to Spain for a couple of days with work. So I gave myself a week off which turned into two weeks, which then turned into three weeks. So I forced myself to have a bit of a go this weekend to ease myself back into things. I’m determined to lose a bit more weight, and definitely get more toned before my holiday so I’m a more body confident and happy. And, at the end of the day, being happy is the most important thing for all of us no matter what size we are.

To meet my aims, heres what I’ve been trying to keep to:

1. 3 fitness classes a week:   Spinning is by far my favourite class with Legs, Bums and Tums coming in a close second. They’re the only classes where I walk away feeling like I’ve actually done some good work.

2. Pop Pilates videos on You Tube: These pilates videos are absolutely brilliant. You dont need any equipment and can do them in the comfort of your own home. Even after a 10 minute video, I can feel the effects the day after.

3. Eat less sweets: I have the worlds worst sweet tooth and I would much rather eat sweets for breakfast then cereal or porridge.

As I’ve said these are what I’ve been trying to do and when I do it I feel so much better and healthier. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to it until my holiday!



2014… Come On Down!

2013 was a good year for me.

I started the year working in Paris and made the difficult decision to move back home, which turned out to be completely for the best. I landed on my feet with a job at the Head Office of the company I work for and I got back in touch with an old work friend who has turned out to be the best thing to happen to me this year! I’ve also had my fair share of difficult times, but all in all I’ve been a very lucky girl and I’ve had amazing people by my side to help me through and the good times definitely outweigh the bad.

I’m hoping for more in 2014 and so far it’s looking good. I’ve been promoted and start my new job on Friday and this will hopefully mean that I’ll have a lot more time to blog. So this leads me to my resolutions I’m not normally one for resolutions, if you don’t do it in one year why would you suddenly change and start to do it just because there’s a new one. But I have only given myself a few changes this year:

1. Blog more

I really enjoy blogging but never seem to have enough time to make it a regular thing. So I’m hoping that as I should have afternoons free from now on (I’ll be having 5.30 am starts every day with my new job) I should get a couple of posts a week in 

2. Lose weight

I’m going to do a separate post about this and plan on going forward with a weekly update post with how I get on. Sorry if this isn’t something you’d be interested in but I’m hoping that this will give me the motivation to eat healthy and do exercise. If that doesn’t work I also have a pair of denim shorts that I’m hoping to fit into by April.

 3. Stop needlessly spending money

I am awful at spending money. I see a product I want and I convince myself I need it. But no more! I’m only going to let myself buy something new if I’ve used up one of the many products I have covering my desk.

So heres to an amazing 2014 for us all! Wishing you all lots of love and luck for this year.

Lets Get Physical

I’ve just got back from two weeks away in Florida. Now, its no secret that America isn’t exactly the home of healthy eating, but it was still a bit of a shock when I got ready for work the day after I got back to find that I couldn’t fasten my pants properly.

Before I went away I knew I had already put a bit of weight on but I knew I was going to put weight on by eating burgers and steak non-stop for two weeks, so I was a bit lazy and didn’t see the point in going the gym before going away. As motivation to get me off my arse when I came home, whilst shopping on holiday I bought myself a pair of Nike Free Runs 7.0s, with the intention of starting to run (Running is my enemy) and my aim is to hopefully do at least the Liverpool Half Marathon next year.

I have worked in a Sports Fashion company for the last 6 years and when in store we were trained on the benefits of Free Runs and what Nikes intentions are with these shoes. Basically, they are meant to give your foot more freedom to move so that you develop stronger muscles in your legs, and soon you begin to run as though you are barefoot, like back in the day of cave men. So it’s no surprise that Nike advise you to get used to them before starting to run long distances.Image

I went for my first run yesterday in them around Sefton Park. I say run, I think I actually ran just under a quarter of the way round and walked the rest. My fitness is so bad at the moment, so my new plan is to go the gym, build myself up on the treadmill and then start to run outdoors. But despite not running far at all, I can definitely feel it in my legs and bum today, so I’m putting it down to the trainers.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on!