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In her September Favourites Vlog, one of my favourite Beauty Bloggers Gemma from GemsMaquillage, talks about what seems to be a taboo subject for us all, hair removal. In particular, facial hair. I agree with Gemma completely, we all grow hair so why are we ashamed to talk about our methods of removal? I won’t lie, after Gemma talking about it, I got all riled up and ready to start a campaign for all of us to stop being so embarrassed about talking about something which is completely natural and something we can’t control without a little bit of help!

So,, as I’m a person who seems to grow hair quicker than average (something which I’m grateful for on my head, but could do without in other areas) I thought I’d join her in being open about this and talk about hair removal methods that I’ve tried and tested, loved and hated.

In the salon

There’s two methods that I’ve used with professionals in a salon and thats waxing and threading. I’d be lying if I said threading isn’t painful. It is. It’s horrible. And I found that when I was using the threading method I’d leave it longer and longer between treatments to build up courage to face the pain. It left me feeling raw and tender afterwards and honestly, the results aren’t much different to waxing. Sure, for eyebrows its give a much more defined shape, but for other parts (i.e my tash), I would says there’s no difference between this and waxing.

The pros to threading is that it’s much more hygienic. Only the thread touches your skin rather than a wax that’s been reheated numerous times and a wax strip rubbed onto your face, plus no chemicals are used. Also, apparently, if you use this method enough than the hair follicles will become damaged and in the end will stop actually growing hairs. I’d imagine you’d have to have a ridiculous number of treatments for this to happen.

I finally gave up on threading though after the pain became to much. But, if you have a high pain threshold, then I’d definitely recommend it. My favourite place to go for this treatment was Benito Brow Bar in Debenhams. Here they also give you a loyalty card so after 7 treatments, you receive your 8th for free.

Waxing, for me, gave the same results as threading just without the same amount of pain. Because of how quick my hair grows I would have to get the treatment once a month.

In between treatments, as I have dark hair, for my tash I would use an at-home bleaching kit from Boots. The Smooth Care Hair Lightener is available here for just £3.99. I’ve never used any other hair lightener so I can’t really compare but I have no complaints about this products. Its quick and easy to use and gives great results.

At Home

For some reason, I always find myself too busy to bother making appointments to call in somewhere to be waxed. For threading, because I got it done in Debenhams, I had to go into Liverpool Town Center, and after being asked once if I’d had Cherryade to drink, I became a little bit worried that I’d be walking round with a bright red lip and see someone I know, so I have become a fan of at home treatments.

The perfect thing about the at home treatments is that you can do it whenever you want. You don’t have to find the time to go anywhere and if you find the perfect one for you quickly, it can be a lot more cost efficient.

Personally, I’ve only tried two at home methods, both of them involving wax.

The first is Wax Strips. I think I’ve tried every wax strip available and, for me, they’re useless. If you have fine hair they might be okay for you, but for me they were much more useful for removing a layer of skin and for some reason leaving the hair behind. The worst I’ve ever used is the Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Facial Wax Strips. Completely useless. I had to heat them up with my hair dryer for a while before they would even try to stick to my face and even then they didn’t remove one single hair.

Waxing seems to be the best method for me so I have tired hot wax at-home methods. The first was the Nair Ultra Precision Face Wax at £5.99. I found the application of this, using the roll on tip, far too complicated and difficult to get the right amount of wax in the places I wanted it to go. Massive no from me for this unfortunately.

Thankfully, I’ve found a product that is perfect for me. Easy and effective. It’s the Nair Easy Wax Microwaveable Pot available here for £10.99. At a higher cost than any other home treatment I’ve bought, I had high hopes. And it doesn’t disappoint. Its sold as a product for the body, but I’ve also been using it for my tash (its grows so quick it’s unbelievable. Sad face.) and it works perfectly. You simply heat the wax pot for two minutes in the microwave, leave to stand so it can cool for 3 minutes then apply it to the areas you want to wax. Leave to harden on the skin for around 30 seconds, and whip off. It has given me salon-results each time and I’m so glad I bought it. The only thing I would say is that if you’re going to use it for the facial area, then break the applicator stick in half down the middle so that’s its easier to apply on smaller areas.