European Jetsetter


I know I’m not the most regular at posting blogs but I started to find I was enjoying my nice little routine of sitting down and blogging if I found I had a bit of time to myself. Either that or watch Modern Family. But, the past few weeks I’ve found myself busier than ever, mostly because of work. So now I find myself sitting in a hotel room in Amsterdam, having survived my first time driving on the other side of the road, and facing a week of up to 14 hour days working all over the Netherlands.

I’ve never been to the Netherlands before and Amsterdam is on the top 5 of my list of places I want to visit, so its a shame that I won’t actually have the chance to have a look round the place, but I’ll try my best to grab an hours break from work in every town I’m in so I can actually say I saw a bit of the place!

I’m going to be working in Europe, mainly France, through the week (flying out on Mondays and coming home on Fridays) so unfortunately I’m going to be even busier than I usually am. Ironically for someone who studied Languages as a Degree, I have always found it very hard to be away from home, and changes in my life recently mean it’s even harder now. I hate to admit it but when I was dropped off at the airport earlier today, I may have had a little cry. But my theory is that if I work hard now then things can only pay off, can’t they?

The other thing that is stressing me out is that I have to drive to get around this week. I avoided having to get a car for when I’m in France by working out hotels right next to the stores I’ll be visiting (I work for a sports fashion retailer) and working out trains/metro lines to take to get to hotels. But, sadly and gladly, I’ll be working in two different Dutch towns a day, so it wasn’t possible to use public transport to get around. As most of you will know, we drive on the other side in good old Blightly. For some reason we love to be different and this is the one time I’m wishing we were the same as the rest of the world and get to drive on the life? right? I don’t even know!! Tomorrow I have a 2 hour drive to Eindhoven in the early hours so there will probably be no car that I can follow to make sure I’m in the right lane! Fingers crossed for me please !

On a plus side, I know I’m so so lucky to be getting paid to be travelling and hopefully, if I do a good job, then I’ll be getting something really decent out of it. Plus it can never be a bad thing to get to peruse Duty Free and Sephora on a weekly basis can it?!