100 Happy Days


So for the last month or so, one of best friends Sara from The Jam on my Toast has been completing the 100 Happy Days challenge. This challenge consists in finding one thing that makes you happy each day and sharing it with the hash tag #100happydays on Instagram.

I’ve been inspired and I’m going to start joining her with the challenge with today being my day one. Why don’t you join me too and find the little things that make you happy each day? I have a feeling it’ll make me appreciate these things a little bit more.
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The Courtyard

Liverpool is an amazing place. I love the city center, but in the outskirts you can did some amazing places hidden away.

Today, I was taken for a drive through Little Crosby in North Liverpool, a place so quaint and beautiful it’s like being in the English countryside.

To grab a bite to eat, we stopped at a gorgeous little place called the Courtyard. A tea room/cafe/shop in a converted farm house, this place was amazing. Mismatching tea sets and exposes brick walls, I fell in love.

They offer a range of sandwiches and homemade cakes. My boyfriend got a Brie and bacon sandwich, while I opted for a mouthwatering Peach and Raspberry sponge cake.

If you’re ever in Liverpool, go and find this place for the perfect afternoon tea!