Dove Refresh+Care Dry Shampoo


For me, I only really want one thing from a dry shampoo and that’s to help me avoid having to wash my hair as often as the grease would like me to. When it comes to washing my hair, most of the time I just can’t be bothered. Lazy I know, but it just always seems like such a chore. And with a full fringe, that attitude is not something I can get away with (not that I could get away with it with any other kind of fringe, but its so much more obvious when my hair is crying is be washed).

Back in my school days I used to rub talc in my hair, then I finally discovered Baptiste and never felt the need to try another brand. They do exactly what you want it to do and smell quite nice while they’re at it, especially the Tropical one. Then came along what felt like hundreds of beauty posts about the new Style+Care range from Dove. A dry shampoo that translucent you say? I couldn’t get to Boots quick enough. The thought of spraying my hair and not having the fight of rubbing it in to get rid of the white powder residue that seems to come hand in hand with any dry shampoo seemed too good to be true.

Now, first of all, I need to say that I have fallen in love with this product and I will get to the reasons why next. But, translucent it is not. Please imagine waking up at 4 am in the morning on your last day after travelling around France the whole week with 4 am starts on everyday. I can’t be bothered to wash my hair at the best of times, so my poor scalp had no chance of seeing water and shampoo this week so this dry shampoo had become my best friend. Every day I just gave my fringe a quick spray and that was that, fine until the next morning. But by the end of the week, my hair was looking a bit grubby so I decided to give it an all over spray using quite a bit more than I usually had. Cut to 11 am when I look into the mirror for the first time since I’d got ready that morning to find I had what can only be described at white roots. All over my head. Why no one had decided to tell me, I don’t know but what I found the worst thing about it was that the product I thought was the saviour to my hair care laziness had let me down.

But, a few trial and errors later, it turns out that if you’re only using a bit of the product then you’re fine. But if you’re trying to rid an entire greasy head then you will have to put a bit of elbow work into your prep time.

I do love this product though. Its a lot lighter than other dry shampoos I’ve used and my hair doesn’t feel as talcy/powdery after using it.  I’ve also been using it to add a bit of texture into my freshly washed hair (yes, I do sometimes bother), especially when I want to curl it. I’ve found that doing this helps styles stay in shape a lot longer.

I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, but just don’t expect a see through magical mist to fix your greasy head. Maybe one day.