Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara



For the last two years, there’s only been two mascara’s that I’ve been interested in: Benefit’s They’re Real which I use as a second coat over GOSH’s Growth Mascara and I still love them. Using them both gives me the perfect length and volume that I look for during the day, when I still want dramatic lashes but can’t be bothered to put falsies on before I go to work.

But at Christmas I discovered a new favourite. When I saw my cousin over the festive period, her lashes looked amazing so I asked her what she was wearing and it turned out to be Soap & Glory”S Thick and Fast mascara. Now, I love They’re Real so much I wouldn’t have even considered going to buy it, especially as I’m well stocked up on They’re Real after finding myself in Duty Free every Monday in recent months. But, luckily, I’d been given the Yule Monty set as a gift and this was a hidden gem in the set and I haven;t reached for They’re Real since.

The brush is really big with a tapered end which means application, even on the inner corners, is very easy, and results in long lashes with a lot of volume. I’d go as far to say more volume than I usually get out of They’re Real. A few people have mentioned that when they use it they get a lot of flaking throughout the day, but this isn’t something I’ve experienced. Although, I do also use this as a second layer over my GOSH mascara so maybe that helps to keep it in place.

As much as I love it though, I have a massive gripe over the packaging. Every time I pull out the wand, a ridiculous amount of product is left on the brush which, if not scraped off properly, leads to clumping and horrible, spidery lashes. It also means that a lot of product is wasted when I scrape it of on the top of the tube.

At £10.50, it’s a bit more expensive than your usual drug store mascaras, but I really do think that the product is more comparable to high end products. Savings on the price can easily be made as well if you manage to get it during one of Boots regular 3 for 2 offers.


GOSH Growth Mascara

Next up on the list of products I’ve repurchased from my subscription to Beauty Boxes is the GOSH Growth Mascara I received in June’s GlossyBox.



This mascara consists in active ingredients that are meant to encourage the growth of longer lashes in just two weeks. I mentioned it in a post about what I’d received that month and when I saw it I just thought “As if” and put it away in my make up draw and sort of forgot about it. I use Benefits They’re Real mascara and I love it, so it would take a special mascara to tear me away from it.

But, after semi-permanent lashes left me with bald eyes, I decided to give it a go and I was pleasantly surprised. The rubber wand is brilliant. It has one side with short bristles that allow you to get as close as possible as the lash line, giving volume, and the other side has longer bristles to lengthen the lashes. The size of the brush means that you can apply the mascara evenly and without those pesky clumps.

As a mascara it’s pretty decent. I like to use it as a first coat underneath They’re Real because I like my lashes to look quite dramatic, but it’s definitely good enough to use as a mascara on it’s own. Its gives lashes good length and volume so it’s definitely good enough to use on it’s own.

As far as encouraging the growth of lashes is concerned, it definitely delivers. Within a couple of weeks my lashes had completely grown back and more had grown too. Whilst I don’t think its lengthened them, its definitely added a lot more volume.

Another plus to this is that its also free from any parabens. Yay!

It’s available here at Superdrug for £8.49.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal in 012 Bronze


I’m not one for wearing much make up during the day and I like to keep it basic with just a slick of mascara as far as the eyes are concerned. But lately I’ve been wanting to make a bit more effort and add a bit of definition to my eyes during the day. As I’ve only ever owned black eyeliners (Rimmel and Lancome being my favourites) I was on the market for a reasonably priced eyeliner in a colour that I would feel comfortable wearing day to day.

Step in one of my new favourite beauty products: Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl eyeliner. I opted for shade 012 Bronze, a gorgeous bronzey-brown shade with a bit of shimmer. Despite the shimmer, its so wearable and exactly what I wanted.


Buttery in consistency and soft, its a dream to apply. Light pressure gives a decent application and obviously the more pressure, the heavier the liner. Its perfect for adding definition to the eye during the day, and its become a firm favourite to use with my Naked pallet during a night out.

In terms of how long it lasts, it is so impressive. I have been wearing it for work and its still going strong by the time I get home (that’s usually a good 10-11 hours of wear) and I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes throughout the day.

The only problem is that it melts really easily so it’s used up and becomes blunt very quickly, and sharpening it takes quite a bit of product away, but for £3.99 its not an item I begrudge buying again and again.. However, I’ve read that putting it in the fridge for a few minutes before sharpening helps to harden the product and therefore you don’t lose as much. Win! I will definitely be trying this technique.

Its definitely my favourite eyeliner now and has replaced my beloved Lancome is lying at the bottom of my make up bag and I doubt it will be coming out any time soon. The price is amazing as well. I would definitely be willing to pay a little more for this item, it’s just so good.

If you’re looking to replace an eyeliner or try a new one out then I definitely recommend this line! I’ll be buying the black to use when my eyes get smokier during the winter!