Getting fit: Where I’m up to


After new years I wrote a post of what I wanted to get done in the New Year and one of them was to get fitter and eat healthier. I did plan on writing a weekly post as an update on where I was up to but that was but a pipe dream.

I’m not going to mention what my weight is exactly but I was hoping for two things: 1. to fit into a pair of shorts I’d bought the week after Christmas from Topshop that my mum had to pull me out of and 2. to lose around a stone and a half. I was doing well. I didn’t have any coke or sweets in the whole of January and was so proud of myself. So far, I’ve lost around 10 lbs and I now fit into my shorts!

Then, I had to go to Spain for a couple of days with work. So I gave myself a week off which turned into two weeks, which then turned into three weeks. So I forced myself to have a bit of a go this weekend to ease myself back into things. I’m determined to lose a bit more weight, and definitely get more toned before my holiday so I’m a more body confident and happy. And, at the end of the day, being happy is the most important thing for all of us no matter what size we are.

To meet my aims, heres what I’ve been trying to keep to:

1. 3 fitness classes a week:   Spinning is by far my favourite class with Legs, Bums and Tums coming in a close second. They’re the only classes where I walk away feeling like I’ve actually done some good work.

2. Pop Pilates videos on You Tube: These pilates videos are absolutely brilliant. You dont need any equipment and can do them in the comfort of your own home. Even after a 10 minute video, I can feel the effects the day after.

3. Eat less sweets: I have the worlds worst sweet tooth and I would much rather eat sweets for breakfast then cereal or porridge.

As I’ve said these are what I’ve been trying to do and when I do it I feel so much better and healthier. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to it until my holiday!



Sephora Express/Instant Nail Polish Remover



2014-03-30 10.46.14

2014-03-30 10.25.28

2014-03-30 10.25.48


When I was working in France towards the end of last year, I found myself with chipped nail varnish that was too much for even me (I have a bad habit of leaving my nails for weeks on end and not dealing with the chips), so I popped into Sephora whilst in Lille and picked up a nail varnish and this Express Nail Varnish Polish Remover. I’d heard only good things about the Bourjois version but as this was cheaper in the store, decided to give this a go. Bourjois, like most things in France to be fair, is disgustingly expensive.

I was not disappointed in this. I’ve only ever really used cheapish nail varnish removers, usually with acetone, that leave my nails quite weak and the skin surrounding them feeling a bit malnourished and dry but this seems to do the opposite. Sticking my finger in a pot with a sponge soaked in nail varnish remover, I was expecting to be needing a lot of hand cream afterwards, but not at all. It feels quite moisturising, not at all drying, and it certainly doesn’t give me the feeling that it’s harsh on my nails.

And in terms of removing polish? It amazing. No hard work is required. Simply put your finger into the hole in the sponge, give the bottle a twist or two, and all signs of varnish is completely removed. It even makes an easy job of removing glitter polish, with no signs of the glitter damaging the sponge thank God. Perfect.

Unfortunately, as this is considered a hazardous material for shopping, us UK ladies won’t be able to order it from the Sephora site, but if you ever find yourself in the US or Europe, pick it up! I can’t compare it to the Bourjois one as I’ve never tried it, but I will say that I have no urge to ever try it as this is just so good.

Now, I’ve just checked the site and it turns out that the European stores have different names of products then the US stores. The product is available here from Sephora US and is called Instant Nail Polish Remover. There is a different Express Nail Polish Remover on the site so don’t get them confused if you are buying them in the different nations!


The Playsuit of my dreams

The countdown to my holiday has started and there’s only 29 sleeps to go!!!!

I promised myself last week that I wouldn’t buy anymore clothes For my jollies but after seeing this Playsuit in Oasis today, I just couldn’t resist.


It’s absolutely gorgeous and so so flattering.

I’m going to Florida so most of the clothes I’m taking are casual so his will be perfect for a night when we decide to make more of an effort and dress up for a meal and a few drinks. With tan sandals, a halo braid and a bit of pink lipstick I can’t go wrong!

Available from Oasis for £48

100 Happy Days


So for the last month or so, one of best friends Sara from The Jam on my Toast has been completing the 100 Happy Days challenge. This challenge consists in finding one thing that makes you happy each day and sharing it with the hash tag #100happydays on Instagram.

I’ve been inspired and I’m going to start joining her with the challenge with today being my day one. Why don’t you join me too and find the little things that make you happy each day? I have a feeling it’ll make me appreciate these things a little bit more.
Follow me on Instagram @lissfitz to see what makes me happy.

“I carried a watermelon”, Baby: a Fashion Inspiration

This weekend my boyfriend admitted to me that he had never seen Dirty Dancing. So I did the right thing and forced him to watch it last night.

I must have seen it a thousand times but it’s been years since I last saw it and as I was watching it this time round, I found myself lusting after all of Baby’s outfits from her pale blue chunky knit, to her stripey vest top and high waisted shorts.  Who knew Frances Houseman was such a fashion inspiration.

Here are a few of my favourite outfits of hers:






Next weekend will be spent in American Apparel and Topshop searching for all these items so when I’m on my jollies o can be just like her.

As a side note, my boyfriend loved the film. I mean,  who wouldn’t? !

L’Oreal Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum




For month’s I’ve been lusting after Lancomes Dreamtone Serum but every time I get close to buying it there’s a voice in my (or usually my boyfriend moaning next to me) that spending £69 on a serum is ridiculous, even if I am convinced that it’s a magical potion that will provide me with perfect skin.

Nevertheless, being more serious about skin care nowadays, I wanted to add a serum to my routine. Now I’ll admit I have no idea what a serum is meant to do and why I should use one regularly, but I’m willing to go along with what other people tend to do. Yes, I probably would put my hand in a fire if everyone else was. Then, the L’oreal Skin Perfection range was launched and it seemed to be the answer to my Lancome lusting on a tight budget. The pink packaging does make it look like the peasants version of Dreamtone..

The entire range promises to help refine skin, tighten pores and even and brighten skin tone, visibly improving skin quality. And, if you are to believe the campaign with Cheryl Cole as the face, it will improve your skin so much that you can be confident enough to go make up free. And this is the line I fell hook line and sinker for, giving me such high hopes for this product especially when I found out that the serum contains the same ingredients as Lancomes Vissionaire Serum, just at half the concentration.

The packaging is pretty good. Like I said, it looks really similar to the Lancome Dreamtone due to the pink glass bottle, the glass making it feel a bit more high end than your usual drug store skin care. The pump is great, with one pump dispensing the perfect amount of product for my face.

The product itself was also quite nice to apply. Not as thick as a cream and, I don’t know if this will make sense or not, but its quite “gooey”. Saying that though its very light and doesn’t feel at all heavy on my skin. I should also mention that there’s a definite scent to the serum which I found to be quite pleasant.

In terms of results, its pretty much “meh”. Maybe its because I didn’t use the full range, but I didn’t see any sign of my skin being perfected,a nd you can see that I’ve used over half of the bottle and was using it morning and night on a daily basis.

Now, over the last few weeks my skin has been playing up quite a bit. It’s been oilier than usual and blemishes are becoming so regular that they’re now the norm (they’re always making an appearance in the EXACT same place, is that normal?). Now I’m not saying it was this product, and I can’t prove it because I’ve changed quite a few items in my routine lately (Hello Clarins!), but since I stopped using it after growing impatient and bored with it, my skin, ironically, has clearly improved. It might not have been this, but I have a feeling that it wasn’t helping at all, especially as all the other items in my routine had been part of it for a while before.