Yankee Candle: Fireside Treats

Scented Candles have very recently become a great obsession of mine. In the past, I’ve dabbled in the likes of Ikea candles and Glade, but always lusted after Yankee candles. Surprisingly for me, I always thought I could never justify paying out for them when you could get very cheap ones in supermarkets, but when the cold, late nights started drawing in, I couldn’t resist the urge to snuggle up in bed, watching episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family with a candle burning. And, after burning my way through several, I’ve found my firm favourite: Fireside Treats.

Technically, the scent is more suited to the beginning of November, when we all look forward to the fireworks and Bonfires but, despite now owning several of the Christmas Editions of Yankee Candle, I find myself coming back to this every night. The scent is everything you’d imagine when you look at the label, it smells exactly like toasted marshmallows. Much like the Merry Marshmallows released for the festive season, except not as sweet and with a smoky note to it.

The scent throw is amazing, it doesn’t have to be burning for long until the whole room smells amazing. I’m definitely a convert and Yankee Candles are definitely worth the money. The quality is miles better than the cheaper alternatives and they are so long lasting and I plan on reusing the pot to hold my makeup brushes! From now on, I can see my whole house being full of scented candles.


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