Tis the Season…

I’m not sure about you but one of my most favourite things about Christmas is wrapping presents. When I was younger, it was tradition that on Christmas Eve I’d get a bath, get in my new PJ’s and sit wrapping presents with my Mum whilst watching a Christmas Film. Now that I’m older, as much as I love wrapping presents, I prefer to go get drunk with my mates on Christmas Eve. This just makes it better though, because it means I can pick my own wrapping paper for my own presents. And I love picking wrapping paper. Last year it was all about M&S for me but this year, even though in the end M&S has won the battle of the gift wraps, I have been tempted by, and ended up picking bits up in, both Next and Paperchase. Before I show you my gift wrapping, here are a few of my favourites: 


3m Kraft Hand Drawn Roll Wrapping Paper, £3.50 Paperchase


3m Scand Knit Stag Roll, £3.50, Paperchase


Gold Robin & Holly, 4m, £3.50 Marks & Spencer


Marcel Wanders Red and White, 4m, £4.50 Marks & Spencers


City Christmas, 4m, £3.50 Marks & Spencers


Pink Wrap, 2 x 3m with tags, £4.50 Next


Winter Scene, 6m, £3.50 Next

I love the look of brown paper with red accessories, so that’s what I’ve gone for this year, with a more colourful option for the bambinos of the family. All my paper and ribbon was from M&S, my gift tags from Next, and my gift bags from Paperchase. I’ve spent a small fortune on it all really, especially considering it’ll all be ripped off in a few seconds. But it’s once a year and I absolutely love it! 


Here’s my gifts from this year: Image

I hope you all have as great a time wrapping your presents as I do wrapping mine! Merry Christmas everyone! 


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