A Body Shop Christmas

The Body Shop isn’t a shop I regularly venture to. I’m much more likely to run to Boots when I’m in need of a moisturizer or shower gel but, every now and again, I do like to treat myself to a few Body Shop items and, with all the gift buying for other people, surely Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself to a couple of things. I won’t lie, this year I have treated myself to A LOT of things when I’ve been out shopping for gifts for my family and I just so happened to pick up a few things from the Body Shop.

After seeing so many posts about their Christmas products on blogs and browsing through the items on the website, I went into the shop to have a nice sniff of the Ginger Sparkle range. I don’t know why, I hate the smell of gingerbread,and I hated the smell of that range. But I did end up buying this cute Gingerbread Man sponge. I haven’t used it yet as I want to save it for Christmas Eve, but I imagine its going to do exactly what it needs to and lather up my body wash well.


I also ended up buying the Cranberry Joy Body Butter, which I have been loving using in the countdown to Christmas (which seemed to have started far too early this year). The scent is beautiful. Its Christmassy without using any spiced/cinammon-esque scents (which I unfortunately hate), it’s fruity and it’s fresh.



As a body butter, it’s just what you’d expect from a Body Shop Body Butter, its moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling lovely all day. The cream itself is quite thick so it’s not at all greasy.

The Body Shop have some gorgeous gift sets this time of year and would be great stocking¬†fillers, so go take a look if you’re struggling for ideas. I know I’m always happy to receive one! It’s such a shame that I really don’t like the scent of the Ginger Sparkle range as the majority of the sets are stunning and so perfect for Christmas!


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