Organisation is the Key to Success

Last month was a sad, sad time for me. The privilege of having a graduate bank account was revoked by the HBSC and certain events, such as my trusty gold Rover 25 breaking down, forced me to accept the dire state of my financial circumstances.

It was the car more than anything that forced me to drag my head out the sand and face things. I commute to Rochdale from Liverpool every day (80 mile round trip) for work, so there was no way I could keep my job without having a car. So I had to bite the bullet and sort myself out, money-wise.

After writing everything down and sorting out my monthly expenses, cancelling any payments of unnecessary things in life (I’m still holding on to the Birchbox and GlossyBox subscriptions though), I feel so much better. I’ve been able to get myself a gorgeous Fiat 500 called Flo and I’ve also just booked a holiday for Florida next year. I don’t know who I think I am but I’m convinced this will give me the motivation to get out the vicious cycle of bank charges (how unfair are banks?!) and go on my jollies with enough spends that I can rinse Victoria’s Secret and the MAC counter of all their goodies.

Leaving uni can be hard, and if you’re in a similar situation then just talk to someone and write everything down such as how much you owe, how much you need to spend each month, what you can cut out, and things won’t seem half as bad afterwards.

So to help me keep on top of everything from now on, I’ve invested in a Filofax. It’s something I would have needed for work anyway as I’ll be travelling back and forth to France for the next two months and will need to keep organised so I know exactly where I’m going and when! I also want to use it so that I can plan when to blog and what on as my posts are a bit sparse!

After browsing for ages on the internet, I found that there’s no end to the choice of Filofaxes and there’s definitely something for everyone no matter what your needs. I finally decided on the Personal Saffiano in Aqua, available here from Staples for £30. I chose to buy it from Staples because they offer next day delivery for orders over £30. Also, the Personal seemed perfect for me in terms of size and what it comes with.


I want to personalise this Filofax as much as possible so I visited my new favourite store, The Range, to buy some filofax accessories. Seriously, if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse this store is the place to be, it has everything! I bought some pens to colour code everything, gorgeous heart shaped paperclips, stickers and highlighter tabs. Everything, apart from the pens, was under £1, so a proper bargain!


There’s also a lot of places online to find some really cute and pretty personalised accessories for your Filofax, such as page dividers, month-to-view planners etc. The best ones I’ve seen so far are on Etsy and Instagram. Just search for “filofax” and, for a decent price, you can make your Filofax as pretty as you want it to be.


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