Hey Mrs Carter

A few years ago I went to V festival and I promised myself I would never go again. Glastonbury is the only other festival I’ve been to and, as it was my first, I really think it’s ruined every other experience I could have at any other festival. It’s really the best place in the world and if you’ve never been then you should go. 

But this post is about V. I really hated everything about it: the commercialism, the majority of the lineup, the site, the people. I’m a bad music snob and this was like hell. I’d only agreed to go because Kings of Leon were headlining and I regretted that after I realised that not everyone loved them like I did and the majority of their fans now are only there for Sex on Fire.

But I digress, let me get to the point of this post. A few weeks ago, my friends bought last minute tickets and one of them offered to get me a ticket on her credit card. Recent events have taught me that you really only do live once and it’s times like these with the friends we love that we need to make the most of, so I agreed and fully expected to have a nightmare weekend. But I loved every minute of it (Mostly. Unfortunately I couldn’t tune out the moronic chavs for the entire weekend) and it was a perfect example of how its the people you’re with who make the best memories for you. 

But there was one highlight. The entire weekend led to one moment and I couldn’t wait. It was the main reason I’d agreed to go. This highlight was Beyoncé. 

The woman’s unbelievable. I would never have said that I was a huge fan but seeing her perform live has completely converted me and now I’m slightly scared by my obsession of her. She was perfect and put on amazing show. 

If you ever get the chance to, whether you’re a fan of her or not, then go and see her. She was so good I cried actual tears. And thank god she’d had some hair woven into that pixie cut. 

I’ll just come right out and say it now. I’m crazy in love with Beyoncé Knowles (see what I did there?)



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