Accessorize Intense Colour Lipstick in Smitten


A couple of weeks ago I was in Accessorize looking for a keyring for my brand new car keys, and the gorgeous packaging of the make up next to the till caught my eye. I’d promised myself that I wouldn’t buy anything else because I don’t really need it, but how can anyone resist these beautiful floral patterns?!

I knew a lipstick was the way to go and, after seeing that they only cost £5, I was convinced I needed one. I swatched the available shades and decided on the coral shade named Smitten. I was so, so excited to try it out. The shade was quite similar to an Yves Saint Laurent lipstick I have, but is softer and more light pink in its tone.


I’ve had an awful experience with my lipstick. When applying it for the first time, the entire bullet broke away from the packaging, making it entirely useless (unless I want to apply it by holding it between my fingers and I’m not a fan of lipstick brushes). But I tried my best to see if it would be worth repurchasing one that could actually be used. As far as I can tell, it is quite thick when applied so even if I hadn’t have been working with a massacred lipstick then it would have been very difficult to work with.



On the other hand, it has very good pigmentation and the colour is beautiful. It has a nice matte finish that I’m a massive fan of lately. I haven’t been able to properly wear it because of the state it’s in so I can’t really comment on how long lasting it is but because of its thickness I can imagine it to get everywhere easily.

As for the packaging, after my initial attraction to its beautiful pattern, its really flimsy (proven by the lipstick actually making a break for it) and it’s also made of cardboard so I imagine it would get very grubby quickly.

If it hadn’t have broken I think I still would have loved it because of how nice the colour is. But, in truth, I’m gutted I’ve wasted £5 on it. I’m also fuming with Accessorize. Nice work guys.


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