Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer



Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer is Benefit’s latest offering in their choice of primers. And, as you can tell from it’s name, this promises to keep your make up looking flawless for 15 whole hours.

Now, I had been using Porefessional before this primer was released and I was loving it. It does a great job at mattifying my slightly oily skin but the promises of 15 hours of flawless looking make up was just too perfect for me, so instead of repurchasing Porefessional I bought the new product instead, and boy did I have high hopes for it.

This primer promises to act like a make up magnet to lock in your foundation for 15 hours. But does it work? If you were to watch QVC, Lisa, the head make up artist for Benefit UK, demonstrates an impressive little trick using the primer, foundation, a bottle of water and a white flannel. After applying the primer and foundation on some models face, she sprayed the woman with the water (she more or less soaked the poor cow) and then dabbed the white flannel over her face. When she showed the flannel to the camera there was nothing on it. Absolutely nothing! It was as clean as if it had just come out of a bucket of Vanish. “No!” I hear you cry, “a made for TV trick, not possible”. I was with you. So convinced was I that this was a load of bull, I ran upstairs to test it out myself and I promise you it worked. My mum would be pleased to find out that her perfect white flannels came out of this experiment unscathed.

Now, down to what I actually think of the primer. I like to think of this as a Pritt Stick for the face, and whilst the styling of the packaging would fit in well in a Topshop Make Up section, I like the look and feel of it. I love the application of the product, its so simple and easy. You just rub the stick on your face in circular motions, which is meant to activate the Make Up Magnet. It applies translucent, so is definitely suited to all skin tones, and feels quite tacky, a bit like actual glue on your face. I like to then apply my foundation with my fingers and blend them in together.

So, does it do what it promises? I’m yet to experience a full 15 hours of my make up looking lovely, but it definitely does make it last longer. I’d say I get around 8-10 hours before I look at myself and think I need to reapply. But, lets not forget we’ve been having the most amazing summer ever for a change here in the UK, so maybe these hot and humid days aren’t the best to judge the primer on, although they are a great test (Hello sweaty face!). Saying that, in my opinion is does seem great for my slightly oily skin because of its solid stick formula. Maybe that’s just the psychology of applying liquid to an oily surface though.

My only other issue is that it doesn’t seem to lasting long in my make up bag. Its definitely dwindling away quicker than I expected it to and, with its price tag, it’s not something I can afford to be shelling out for constantly. Maybe when I repurchase, which I suspect I will do, I’ll keep it as a treat to use during nights out and special occasions.

Stay Flawless is available here from Benefit for £24.50.


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