Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm in Sheer Pink


Last month when I was browsing Boots for essentials to take with me to Glastonbury, I came across the Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm in Berry (available here). I noticed they had a few other colours but unfortunately they weren’t available when I was shopping, and since I’m the worlds most impatient person, I wouldn’t wait to get the pink shade that I wanted. I was glad I got this colour though. Its very pigmented for a lip balm and will be perfect in winter. The balm has a gorgeous menthol smell as well and did such a good job of keeping my lips in great condition. The Aloe and vitamin E was great for making sure my lips came back from Glastonbury better than how they went. I was in the last stages of a cold sore when I went (Hi, my name is Melissa and I’m a cold sore sufferer) and the balm really helped my lips to recover quicker than ever. Not to mention the tint was great for covering up my grotesque lip on photos. Shame it couldn’t work those wonders for the rest of me!

When I was shopping in Tesco earlier, I came across the pink that I had wanted in the first place for £4.49 so picked it up and how glad am I that I did! To be honest, I was imagining the colour to be more comparable to Snob by MAC, but the sheer pink tint of this balm is perfect for these gorgeous summer days we’ve been having.

The colour isn’t that long lasting, but we’re all in a habit of putting lip balm on so often that hardly matters as I constantly reapply, especially with the air con at work drying out my lips. The smell isn’t as strong as with the Berry, but it really is ‘ultra hydrating’ and this can be seen with its extra glossy finish.

I’m a little obsessed with these balms now and I’m now on the hunt for the peach which I can’t get hold of anywhere!


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