A Royal Baby Boy!

Yesterday, like every other day that has ever gone and is to come, a woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Except this baby boy is different, he is the heir to our throne. To all those people complaining that this is an every day thing that happens, it’s not. This baby is special. He is going to be the King of our country! And he was also the baby that caused a change in British Law so that, now, a first born daughter can have a claim to the throne (we may as well all admit it, we were hoping for a girl because of this!). He is a symbol of the modernizing of our monarchy, and our country.

I am a massive fan of our monarchy. In particular the Queen (thanks to the parody account on twitter) and Kate and Wills. They are our own fairy tale. We should have great pride in them.

Just like with the Royal Wedding, I’ve been swept up in the excitement and emotion that the Royal Baby Boy has brought. To those of you who think its sad to be so interested in this, then sort your head out. The coverage on the news and the takeover of twitter just proves how our Royals can easily bring our nation together (I am on the team that’s dying for us to be given an impromptu bank holiday to celebrate) and you can see how all the other nations are so clearly jealous of us because of them (I think every person interviewed on the news was foreign).

Stop moaning and let yourself be swept up by the excitement. We’re probably only ever going to see one more heir to the throne be born in our lifetime. This is history we are seeing. These people will be spoken about in history books, and theyre OURS. No other nation has a tradition or a monarchy like ours. We should support and celebrate it.

It’s also a great convenience in making everyone jealous of our Royal couple that Kate is absolutely stunning. 24 hours after the birth of her first child and she still brings tears to my eyes, shes that beautiful. It was a lovely touch them both wearing blue as well. Wonder what their pink outfits of choice would have been.

So here’s to our countries Baby Boy! Welcome to the world! And congratulations Kate and William!


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