Oh Topshop, How I Love Thee….

I love Topshop. LOVE LOVE LOVE.No matter what occasion I’m struggling to find an outfit for, I know that I can usually count on Topshop to provide something amazing for me to work with.

Coming up I have my brothers graduation and I’ve been struggling for months to find something to wear. I did find a dress at American Apparel that I love, but two of my friends told me that it was vile and if I wore it they would never speak to me again. Harsh I thought, but it put me off. So I left it a while and was browsing Topshops website the other day (whilst being productive in work) and found a few dresses that I fell in love with in their Limited Edition collection. But here’s the dress I think I’ve decided on:

Sequin and Crochet Dress £110

Sequin and Crochet Dress £110

I love the colour of the sequin detailing of this dress. I plan on wearing my hair in a loosely braided up-do, light make-up and yellow platform heels (I haven’t decided which ones to get yet!)


One thought on “Oh Topshop, How I Love Thee….

  1. let me just tell you, I love the blog and everything you write about. It’s funny that you just posted this because I always have the problem of finding what to wear and could never find a shop good enough to match my style. A closet full of clothes but nothing to wear!
    I actually just opened my own boutique (twenty3orchard.com) to help others find a solution to that problem as well.
    Anyway, I love the blog (and I really like the style) keep it up!

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