I am Scouse: an explanation into my fashion and beauty mentality.

My plan for this blog is to talk about fashion and beauty every now and again. So I feel like I have to explain just what role they have in my life. It can be easily summed up in three simple words: I am scouse.

Now, I’m a really laid back “Scouse bird” when it comes to fashion and beauty. For most Scouse ladies even the most casual of nights out during the weekends is an excuse to get dressed up to the max. We’re talking curly blows, Mac make up professionally done, eyelashes. You only have to look at how much pride your average Scouse girl takes in her eyebrows to see how important beauty and fashion is to the ladies of Liverpool.

Now, I’d like to make it clear I’m not exactly a Scouse Bird. I’ve never had a curly blow, I’ve given up on a 6 year long love affair with fake tan (I’ve embraced my paleness and Sally Hansens Airbrush Leg make up is the way forward for me) and a scouse brow is my idea of a nightmare. I’ve only just started to embrace the Benefit Brow Zings Brow Shaping Kit (a present off my friend that I will be eternally grateful for), so it’s safe to say that my eyebrows would probably be a mortal sin to all things scouse.

But there are some aspects of getting dressed up for a night out that I just won’t relax on. I will not go out to town unless I have false lashes on, a heel any less than 6 inches is a massive no-no, and going on a night out in jeans?! Hell no!

My make-up regime of a day is pretty basic: foundation, bronzer, blusher and a touch of mascara is all I need to feel okay enough about myself to leave the house. I’m even okay to go to Asda and the gym without a bit of makeup (yes its true that you’ll find the odd scouse girl walking around Asda in her pyjamas with her rollers still in). But I’ll be damned if I’ll be willing to go to town on a night out with baldy eyes and kitten heels.

I swear if you ever attempted to go casual on a Saturday night out in Liverpool then you would feel seriously out of place once you see how most girls dress. I think of myself as pretty casual in the way I dress, even when I get dressed up. But, I dress up how I dress up because I like it, not to feel comfortable about being around all the curly blows and acrylic nails. I seriously do love getting dressed up for a night out. Its one of my favourite things. To give you more of an idea of how I’m not a stereo typically Scouse girl, I can get ready in 45 minutes easily. That’s including washing my hair (I have been known to go out with a wet head, bad I know), but I’ve known girls to book entire days off work before a night out just so they can get ready for the WHOLE day.

In fact, to fully understand the life of a “Scouse Bird”, then you have to follow Scouse Bird Problems. Her tweets and blogs are seriously the highlights of my days, things I religiously follow. She encapsulates all it is to be a Scouse Bird and more. Plus she’s hilarious.


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