At the end of last month I signed up for GlossyBox. This is a monthly subscription where you receive 5 beauty products each month. The price of these delightful boxes in £10 per month (not including P&P), if you choose the rolling subscription. 

I’ve had two boxes so far and I can honestly say I love it. I read some blogs today that have had quite a few issues with the service, from damaged products to not liking the products that have been received. I agree no one should put up with paying for items and them arriving damaged, but as far as receiving items you don’t like goes, isn’t that all part of the excitement in getting a box each month?

Here’s the 5 items I received in the June box:

1. Figs & Rouge Lip Balm in Cherry Blossom

Image  This is by far my favourite product in the box. Its a multitasking lip balm that can also be used on cuticles, knees, elbows etc but with the red tint in this one I doubt you’d use it for anything other than lips. The colour is great though, the perfect red tint to wear during the day. To buy it is £5.00


2. Organic Surge Volume Boosting Conditioner

Image I’ve used this conditioner once so far and used it with Tresemmé Split Remedy Shampoo. My hair felt amazing after I’d washed it on Saturday morning and by last night it was in need of another wash. I’m putting that down to the shampoo though and will give this a few more goes until I make my mind up. In it’s defence my hair did seem more “voomphy”

3. MeMeMe Long Lasting Nail Gloss

Image I was a little bit disappointed int he shade I received in this (66. Innocent). White nails are supposed to be all the rage this summer, but with my fair skin, its not a craze I’m expecting myself to get whisked up in. But I have tried this as a second coat over other coloured nail varnish and it seems to work pretty well at making a softer shade. Perfect for summer I’d say. Price is £5. 

4. Gosh Growth Mascara

Image I’m not sure I believe that a mascara can help make your eyelashes grow longer. I don’t think I believe anything will, but I’m willing to give this a go! I’ve only just bought two new mascaras so it’ll be a while before I try this out. Price is £8.50

4. Monu Hand and Nail Cream 

Image This full size cream comes in at £10.50 so I’m assuming its going to be good. I’m a bit rubbish at applying creams regularly but I’m planning on taking this to work to use throughout the day. 







One thought on “GlossyBox

  1. Your GB looks so lovely this month! Sadly, Americans don’t receive their GB until the month after (June BG in the beginning of July, and so on and so forth), but if ours is anything like the UK’s, I’ll be pleased! The Figs + Rouge intrigues me the most!

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