“Life can be scary. Life is much intense, and you kind of have to ride it like a pony, or you’ll get a haircut.”


I’m a bit obsessed with any American TV show that exists. I watch far too many of them for my own good. One of my newer obsessions is HBO series Girls, a comedy drama that centers around the lives of four girls in their 20s living in New York.

I started to watch it after a friend of mine had finished watching the first season. She described it as “like Sex and the City, but for our generation” and said that I would love it. So I sat down to give it a go, and didn’t stop watching it until I’d watched every episode available at the time. I love it. Out of everything I watch, it is the only thing I’ve ever been able to completely relate to. Near enough everything that happens in it is something (though somewhat exaggerated) that I could imagine, or has happened, to me or a friend.

My friend was spot on with her description of the show. It more or less concentrates on the relationships the girls have with men, but unlike Sex and the City, I find Girls to be really genuine and true to life.

Maybe surprisingly though (I’m not really sure whether we’re meant to like them all), out of the girls I only like the main character Hannah. They are all so self obsessed, selfish and self indulgent that it really pisses me off. How they actually remain friends with each other is beyond me. But then again, they’re all as bad as each other, so I doubt anyone else would put up with their shit.

On the other hand, I really like every male character in the show. Especially Adam, the main character Hannah’s love interest (what a cheesy phrase). I love his and Hannah’s relationship. In the first season, they start out casually but Hannah wants more commitment. It is definitely this relationship that makes me love the show so much. How Hannah feels at the start is the story of my life (oh woe is me!), so I think it just pulled me in.

Aside from this though it is a really funny series. I’ve just finished the second season and I’m counting down the days until the third one starts. Lena Dunham should be proud of herself.


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