Lets Get Physical

I’ve just got back from two weeks away in Florida. Now, its no secret that America isn’t exactly the home of healthy eating, but it was still a bit of a shock when I got ready for work the day after I got back to find that I couldn’t fasten my pants properly.

Before I went away I knew I had already put a bit of weight on but I knew I was going to put weight on by eating burgers and steak non-stop for two weeks, so I was a bit lazy and didn’t see the point in going the gym before going away. As motivation to get me off my arse when I came home, whilst shopping on holiday I bought myself a pair of Nike Free Runs 7.0s, with the intention of starting to run (Running is my enemy) and my aim is to hopefully do at least the Liverpool Half Marathon next year.

I have worked in a Sports Fashion company for the last 6 years and when in store we were trained on the benefits of Free Runs and what Nikes intentions are with these shoes. Basically, they are meant to give your foot more freedom to move so that you develop stronger muscles in your legs, and soon you begin to run as though you are barefoot, like back in the day of cave men. So it’s no surprise that Nike advise you to get used to them before starting to run long distances.Image

I went for my first run yesterday in them around Sefton Park. I say run, I think I actually ran just under a quarter of the way round and walked the rest. My fitness is so bad at the moment, so my new plan is to go the gym, build myself up on the treadmill and then start to run outdoors. But despite not running far at all, I can definitely feel it in my legs and bum today, so I’m putting it down to the trainers.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on!


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